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Solutions for Your Business

Victory Payment & Point of Sale provides the Shreveport, Bossier City, East Texas, and surrounding north Louisiana area with professional, safe, and affordable merchant services since 1997 (over 25 years in business). 

We offer competitive credit card processing for new merchants whether you want a retail and moto merchant account or an internet merchant account for e-commerce or mobile merchant services and credit card processing. Victory Payment Tech offers programs that accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

We have years of experience and are dedicated to customer service – not just generating revenue streams. Our business model is not a “one size fits all” for credit card processing. Our customers enjoy the flexibility that we offer by tailoring your merchant account to fit your needs as a small business owner. 

Victory Payments is one of the most innovative and customer focused card processors in the payment industry today. Victory Payments Technologies is partnered with various industry leaders, including CardConnect and First Data Resources (FDR). Victory Payment Tech specializes in bringing the latest electronic payment solutions to businesses of all types and sizes quickly, affordably and securely. Our goal is to:

  • Provide technologies that help our customers succeed
  • Operate with honesty and transparency
  • Provide personal attention and prompt service

Whether your business is retail, restaurant, B2B, internet-based, service-oriented or mobile, Victory Payment offers the latest point-of-sale terminals, software applications, wireless products and e-commerce gateways that provide the optimal solution and security for your business. Victory Payment proprietary fraud and risk management systems analyze all components of your transactions to protect your business


What are some of the benefits to Cash Discount?

• Cash Discount greatly reduces or eliminates the processing costs associated with credit card acceptance.

• The transaction total is charged as one amount on the cardholder statement. This reduces questions from card holders and prevents chargebacks for unrecognized transactions.

• There is no need to increase the costs of goods and services to make up for lost profit for credit card processing costs, which is unfair to customers who are already paying with cash or check

Monthly processing statement with total fees $1,874.09 per month or $22,489.08 per year!
Monthly Cash Discount Program statement with total fees $42.43 per month or $509.16 per year!

Our Cash Discount Program offers a way for merchants to greatly reduce or eliminate their fees for accepting credit cards. This is done by sharing the expenses associated with credit card acceptance with the individual cardholder using their credit/debit card for payment. A Service Fee of 3.99% is applied to each transaction not paid for with cash or check. That’s only $1.99 on a $50 transaction! • This program can be customized. A merchant can choose to only pass part of the discount rate through to their cardholders (i.e. the merchant pays 1% and charges their cardholders 3%) or eliminate their monthly transaction fees altogether by charging cardholders the full amount. • Low ticket merchants charge a flat fee to cardholders for transactions under $20.

With honest pricing, fast and secure transactions and outstanding service and support, Victory Payment is one of the most innovative and customer focused card processors today.

Transaction Management

Easy-to-use portal for managing all credit card transactions, pulling real-time reports and much more

Countertop terminal

Plug-and-play terminal, for swipe and dip transactions, protected by point-to-point encryption (P2PE)

Virtual Terminal

Browser-based point-of-sale system for desktop, laptop and mobile devices

Mobile App + Device

Free app and compatible device for on-th-go business, right at your fingertips

Hosted Payment Page

Customizable, highly secure e-commerce solution for online stores

Integrations + Add-ons

Powerful integrations like shopping carts and accounting software

Point of Sale Solutions

At Victory Payment Tech we offer a variety of payment solutions for small to medium businesses in the north Louisiana, southern Arkansas, and east Texas areas that will fit within your budget. 

We offer advanced solutions that provide all the POS functions that small and medium businesses need right from the point-of-sale. Merchants can choose from a variety of all-in-one devices that combine POS and payment functions. With on online portal, merchants can better manage inventory, pricing and discounts, accounting and payroll, sales trends, customer satisfaction, and more — from any device with a browser. Installation, set-up and maintenance is simple!

We also offer low cost efficient POS solutions for small to medium size hospitality applications serving restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

By utilizing the latest technology and stellar support, Victory Pay Technologies has become the leading provider of POS systems in the industry today.


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